Jaisalmer Moon Star Safari

Mystic Tours in Jaisalmer

Royal state of Rajasthan is known as the most popular centre to appreciate the culture and heritage of Indian past and what will be better than Rajasthan’s village tours to experience the majestic state in an alternate way. Rajasthan is popular for its vibrant and colourful urban communities, dazzling fortifications and camel fairs.

Village Safari in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Moon Star Safari brings you the opportunity to explore the prominent village spots in Jaisalmer and Thar Desert. With this trip, you come across the village culture of Rajasthan and understand the lifestyle of people who live in a traditional way with their families. Besides, you get to encounter their working process and understand how they earn their living on a regular basis. Book this package in Jaisalmer to explore the culture and lifestyle of its people and connect with them.
The scent of mud, the beauty and the peace which is present in the village cannot be witnessed anywhere else. Rural culture and the simplicity of the people will touch your heart so deep that you will not forget for a lifetime.
The villages of Jaisalmer are so beautiful that it can’t be expressed in words; it is to be seen and felt. Come and enjoy the beauty of the Jaisalmer Moon Star Safari.

  • The duration of this activity is 5 hours and can be availed in two slots, morning & evening.
  • Get picked up from your camp or any desired location in Jaisalmer or Sam at 8:00 AM.
  • Get ready for a fun-filled Thar village safari.

Local Experince in Jaisalmer

Start with your camel safari that is much favoured by the tourists across the world. After about an hour’s ride, you will be able to see the desert getting covered with low plants, bushes and cactuses. The farther you go, the quieter the desert gets. In just a few minutes you will not hear anything but just the wind.

In this place whic is away from hustle bustle their lunch stop is mandatory. The very sight of your guide start a fire with sticks and make roti with some sabji will make you feel complete.

Once you are done with your lunch, stroll around the sand dunes; relax and enjoy the serenity. Make sure you wear shoes, the sand is hot and so it may burn your feet.

After which, you can resume your camel ride and head farther to the desert only to watch the beautiful sunset where you can observe the sun descend the golden-red sky right behind the dunes.

Sleeping Under the star in Jaisalmer

Let your feet feel the cold sand, climb up and slide down the slippery sloping dunes. you will totally loved this! It not only makes for a great leg day but brings out the kid in you. It’s so quiet in the desert, you can actually hear the wind blowing into your ears. Just like it did when as a kid when you held a glass over your ears to hear it.

As the sun is setting, a campfire is lit, because that would be the only source of light for the night, other than the starry night sky, which evokes surreal feelings of joy. A fresh meal is cooked by the bonfire and Rajasthani folk songs sung by the locals; a definite highlight.

Once you’ve your tummy and your heart filled with joy, it’s time to retire for the night. You can choose to stay overnight in the desert. In this scenario, you get to sleep under the stars, on charpoys (wooden cots), with mattresses and blankets to tuck in. Or you can opt for the tent stay, in which you are taken by jeep to the base camp where all the tents are set up. So if you want an absolute experience of the desert, then sleeping under the stars is just for you.

Dinner At Dunes in Jaisalmer

We organise trip far away from touristic area, its private tour, you can enjoy beautiful sunset with Chai/coffee/Wine on top of the sand dunes, dinner veg/non veg cooking in front of you in open fire and camp fire and entertainment by camel drivers, return back to city.
We have both type of facility , only dinner at dunes with luxury facility and Dinner at dunes after making food over there at dunes.

Tour start from city 2:30 PM (Winter),3:30 PM (Summer), one hour jeep ride, camel ride for one and half or two hours, enjoy sunset with tea/coffee snacks, Exclusive dinner Veg/Non Veg. Camp fire, Enjoy Stars and return back to city.